3VR Wins 2008 Building Operating Management Magazine's Readers Choice Award

SAN FRANCISCO -- 3VR Security, Inc., the pioneer of searchable surveillance, today announced it has won the distinguished 2008 Building Operating Management Readers Choice Award. This year's winners represent those which building owners and facility executives most often sought further information about after they appeared in the pages of Building Operating Management or on the FacilitiesNet website over the past year. Building Operating Management is widely recognized for having the #1 readership among this group and is the premier magazine for owners and executives to learn about and buy products and services for their industry.

3VR's CEO Stephen Russell comments, "Facility managers face particular challenges in providing mission-critical and cost-effective security of their assets and the people who rely on them. At 3VR, we are honored to have met their high standards. These building professionals use our Searchable Surveillance Systems to monitor facilities, control access, and interoperate with other control systems in ways that competing security solutions simply can't match."

3VR has revolutionized the security industry with the concept of "Searchable Surveillance." Just as search has been a disruptive technology in other industries — making databases and the Internet searchable made them instantly useful — now 3VR is using search to close the gap between the information security systems collect and the information that humans can analyze. 3VR has transformed video surveillance with the 3VR SmartRecorder™, a platform-based solution that integrates enterprise video management, award-winning analytics, and robust search technology designed to reduce CCTV costs and enable fast, effective investigations. 3VR works directly with facility executives to reduce physical and operational costs, and make investigations more efficient and effective.