Rosslare Introduces New Wireless Intrusion Sensor

Innovative advances in new sensor creates next level intrusion detection

• Pre-intrusion detection
• Multi-sensors
• Intelligent algorithm

Rosslare's new wireless SA-20 Intrusion Detector innovatively combines shock and vibration detection, object motion detection and magnetic contact detection to provide next level intrusion detection for the home and commercial environment.

Soon to be released, the wireless SA-20 Intrusion Detector is Rosslare's response to a surging need for identifying intrusion attempts, preventing false alarms and preventing random environmental events.

Boosted Security - security is strengthened through the innovative combination of vibration, movement and magnetic sensors that verify each other. Designed with a special algorithm, the sensor not only monitors in-door environments but also self-learns behavior patterns.

Most intrusion-detection sensors to date send a post-entrance alert limiting their responses to low-end break-ins. SA-20 identifies more sophisticated break-in attempts, recognizes invasion patterns such as sawing and drilling and sends an alert before the intruders break through.

Motion sensor for artifact protection - buttressed by a motion sensor - SA-20 can also provide movement detection for a pre-defined object such as an artifact.

False alarm prevention - designed with self-calibration functionality, SA-20 delivers optimum performance while rejecting false alarms, ensuring reliable and precise operation.

High reliability - reliability is strengthened through a special low consumption Power Save Mode (PSM) battery that can optionally work on static and dynamic modes. Sensitive to system setbacks, SA-20 comes with tamper protection features and multi-color indications for signaling different alarm types, low battery and calibration status.

Stylish inconspicuous encasement - the elegantly crafted SA-20 comes in a compact rugged shell that helps to keep the system discreetly out of sight.

Easy to install - being wire-free SA-20 is easy to install and integrate with Rosslare's wireless security and automation panels or universal receivers.