Genetec Secures CBS Studio Center

Montreal - May 24, 2007—Genetec is proud to announce that its IP video surveillance solution will help protect stars on the stages at CBS Studio Center. Located in California, the CBS Studios is sprawled over 40 acres with a university campus layout. CBS Studios is a full service facility containing 18 sound stages with many exterior locations in addition to 3 permanent sets; New York Street, Central Park and Residential Street, 17 offices, 213 dressing rooms for stars, etc.

Omnicast’s current installation at the CBS Studios comprises 125 cameras but will grow to over 180 cameras once the project is complete. The system is composed of three servers; there is a main directory & archive server, a backup directory server with archiving and a backup archive server; assuring that there are no interruptions in the functionality of the system. In the administrative office a control room consisting of 12 analog monitors allows for the stages and other structures to be centrally surveyed.

CBS Studios uses Omnicast to assure the security of the grounds in addition to guaranteeing the protection of workers and controllers of traffic-flow. Thanks to Omnicast, those working on the lot can be continually monitored to the extent that if a worker acts in an unsafe manner (i.e. he does not wear a protective helmet), the issue can be quickly corrected. Additionally, due to continual coming and going of heavy trucks, traffic jams habitually occur. Omnicast’s users have the capabilities of detecting causes of traffic congestion and intervene if possible to restore a steady flow of traffic.

The main motivating reasons for CBS Studio Center’s choice in Omnicast is the system’s open architecture and advanced features. The reputation and credibility Genetec has maintained for years in the IP security domain equally motivated CBS Studio Center’s decision. Rob Haggard, Security System Administrator at the studio stated “we are currently very satisfied with the product. I particularly like the redundancy features and Omnicast’s open architecture that allows us to choose the materials that best respond to our needs. Also, the customer service is excellent; we are always well supported by Genetec.”

The future holds many prospects, CBS Studios intend on integrating Omnicast into their access control system. The studio is also equally interested in the Web Client and Map Editor Omnicast’s functionalities have to offer.

Genetec Inc., incorporated in 1997, is recognized as a pioneer in IP video surveillance and a technology leader within the physical security industry. With headquarters in Montreal and offices located in Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and the United States, Genetec provides a complete line of innovative IP security products globally. Genetec’s success is built on its dynamic team of highly skilled individuals dedicated to the development of tomorrow’s cutting edge security technologies and its commitment to customer care. Thousands of organizations worldwide trust Genetec’s solutions to safeguard their assets and personnel.