Small Town Integrator Targets Big Niche Markets

Martinsburg, WV is a relatively small but growing rapidly town with many large companies coming to the area such as Target, Home Depot, Buffalo Wild Wings and more. Taking notice of this growth is a small company called Hivelocity Networks.

Hivelocity Networks was recently founded by two brothers, David and Jason Overholser, both natives of Martinsburg. Recently having moved back to the area after living in Florida for the past 13 years, they noticed phenomenal growth in the area which in turned sparked their interest and in turn gave them the idea to open a business in three niche markets that are very much needed in the area. The three markets are point of sale, ip/network video surveillance, and store setup, including the cabling and furnishing of the store equipment.

The point of sale systems hardware and software are top quality with excellent warranties and come ready to go out of the box. They also carry individual items such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, pole displays, cash drawers and more. Hivelocity Networks has partnered with some of the top companies in the business to offer a wide range of products and services, including nationwide installation. An easy online form at gets you a quote on the price and installation time and most jobs are finished in one day.

The ip video, also referred to as network video, surveillance side of the business is the latest technology for video surveillance security. IP video cameras are a combination of camera and computer combined into one unit. The cameras allow video to be transferred over the network and can be viewed and managed with a standard web browser or video management software. The picture quality is far superior to analog video, such as CCTV. One of the cameras Hivelocity Networks offers is 8 megapixels, which has 24 times the resolution of the best analog surveillance cameras. The video can be stored on a regular computer hard drive and the digital video doesn't lose video or image quality like its analog counterpart. Remote monitoring is another big plus for a network camera. The video and images can be monitored and managed from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. Analog cameras are closed circuit, so remote monitoring is not an option. Other technologies that the ip video cameras can integrate are motion detection, night surveillance, alerts, face recognition, and people counting.

The store setup aspect of the business is a total package of supplying the network cabling with network setup, the point of sale hardware and software, merchant account, video system, backup system, website design and hosting and complete store furnishings such as the shelves, racks, cash wraps, etc. This makes it much easier for the owner to concentrate on other aspects of the business. Financing is also available and can include everything.

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