IndigoVision to Launch New H.264 IP Video Range at ISC West

Hoboken, N.J. – ISC West will see the US launch of IndigoVision's range of IP Video products supporting H.264. The new 9000 range includes updated versions of products currently available in the 8000 range: transmitters, IP domes and Networked Video Recorders (NVRs). 'Control Center', IndigoVision's class-leading video and alarm management software has also been updated for the 9000 range. IndigoVision partners can therefore install a complete end-to-end IP Video solution based on the latest H.264 compression technology. Live demonstrations of the new 9000 range will be available throughout the ISC West show at booth #4103.

The 9000 range provides the same high quality, low-latency video that has been consistently delivered by 8000 MPEG-4 based systems but with a reduction of up to 50% in bandwidth and storage requirement – or to put it another way, 9000 based systems can deliver significantly higher video quality for the same bandwidth. IndigoVision will be selling the new 9000 products alongside the existing 8000 range, providing a wider choice of solutions to the end user. Importantly, the new 9000 range is fully compatible with the current 8000 products, ensuring that any existing IndigoVision installations can be upgraded with products from either range.

The 9000 products use IndigoVision's own custom designed H.264 hardware codec. This was designed by IndigoVision, as a natural development of the previously successful MPEG-4 design used in the 8000 and offers a number of distinct advantages. The custom design has been tailored for use in CCTV systems, for example, extra compression can be achieved when there is low activity in the video – a situation common in many surveillance applications. Advanced coding techniques mean that high-quality video can be maintained during fast-moving activity without frames being dropped. The in-house designed codec also ensures IndigoVision can provide low cost, high performance encoding of 4SIF 30fps video that is fully compliant with H.264 and allows field upgrade as compression standards advance.

IndigoVision's analytics algorithms can be run in real time in the 9000 transmitters and IP domes. This means that the analytics are located at the edge of the network, i.e. at the camera, making the IP Video solution totally scalable. CCTV operators can therefore detect events as they happen in cases such as congestion, pilfering, cars parked too long outside a building or people moving the wrong way through security checkpoints. Real-time analytics lead to further reductions in the bandwidth requirement and improvements in incident detection hit rates.