Why Cops Like ASIS International

Criminal justice instructor and former LEO on why ASIS Int'l works well for law enforcement

Personally, what I have found to be the greatest reward of membership is the organization's collective knowledge, which is freely available to its members. It is rare to have so many experts confined to such as small space, such as what you find at the local meeting. I find it stimulating to interact with professionals who have a common interest, but whose particular security focus is so diverse. For instance, it is common at our meetings for me to be seated at a table listening to a speaker and sitting on my left is the corporate security manager responsible for the safeguarding of a financial institution with over 3,000 different locations around the country. On my right is a supervisory agent for a national railway policing agency, and others at the table include a Secret Service agent, hospital security director and a security manager for a large chemical company, in addition to police chiefs from local agencies.

For businesses, time is money, and for everyone else, time is limited. Time spent with ASIS is time well spent.

Keith R. Lavery, M.A., is a full-time criminal justice educator teaching secondary education and having taught law enforcement, criminal justice and security courses at the post-secondary level. Keith had a very diverse police career for over 17 years, working in urban and rural law enforcement settings with assignments ranging from patrol to specialized functions, and to stay current in the field, works part-time as a patrol officer in Northeastern Ohio. Keith is currently the Law Enforcement Liaison for the Cleveland, Ohio, Chapter of ASIS International.