Ingersoll Rand Introduces New Schlage Commercial Security Products

CARMEL, IN, July 10, 2007 - Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a leading global provider of products and services that make environments safe, secure and productive, today introduced three new Schlage commercial products. Engineered to provide facility managers, security professionals, architects and specifiers with high-quality security products, the new Schlage B500 Deadbolt, Schlage Primus XP and Schlage Everest B Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) Redesign products all offer easy professional installation and reliable proprietary designs.

The Schlage B500 Deadbolt

Ideal for all commercial applications where deadbolts are used, the new Schlage B500 Deadbolt is designed with a proprietary one-piece, deep drawn housing that delivers enhanced reliability by eliminating the potential of lock-in or lock-out situations that can occur when two-piece housings separate.

The new ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 deadbolt provides exceptional resistance to excessive force. In addition to employing a throughbolt that is 10 percent larger than competitive products, the Schlage B500 deadbolt's engagement to the housing is greater than .6" when the bolt is thrown and its metal dust box connects directly to the door frame. To deliver reinforced vandalism protection, the deadbolt is equipped with an anti-pry shield that covers 20 percent of the latch to prevent picking and helps to provide additional impact absorption from hammer attacks.

Compatible with the standard 2 1/8" cross bore, the new Schlage B500 Deadbolt can be installed in minutes. The deadbolt comes pre-assembled; only the latch, interior and exterior components need to be installed. This helps ensure that the deadbolt is properly installed every time so there are no timing issues and bolt alignment is improved by 40 percent.

Available in nine different finishes, the new Schlage B500 Deadbolt also can match existing door hardware and the interior décor of any commercial facility.

The new Schlage Primus XP

The new Schlage Primus XP is a patented key system that provides an effective solution against unauthorized key duplication and other types of cylinder manipulation for a wide range of commercial applications. With its inventive design that includes a patent protection until 2024, the new Schlage Primus XP delivers the longest key management protection currently available in the market.

Similar to the original Schlage Primus system, the new key system is engineered with a multiple depth, finger pin configuration. In addition to the three "shallow" and three "deep" pins of the original Schlage Primus lock, the new Schlage Primus incorporates a new "depth" of pin. The "pocket" location on the pin is considered to be more "shallow" than any previous finger pin and have a unique geometry.

Keys for the new Schlage Primus XP are manufactured with a proprietary design that can be recreated only by Schlage's Master Key Department, making key duplication virtually impossible.

The new Schlage Primus XP offering is available with the current Classic Schlage Primus keyways and Schlage Everest Primus keyways and will match the existing cylinder and locks offering of the current Schlage Primus to provide an easy installation. In addition, upgrading from existing Primus, Everest or Classic users is very simple and can be done by re-keying one finger pin to the new patented number seventh pin, and then issuing of new keys.

The new Schlage Everest B SFIC

The redesigned Schlage Everest B SFIC is operated through a patented key management system to provide security professionals with peace of mind. Compatible with interchangeable core locks from competitive manufacturers, the Schlage Everest B SFIC can be instantly used to replace a core and maintain security during instances when keys are lost or personnel changes are made.

The redesigned SFIC is engineered using a sophisticated, burr-free manufacturing process that drills pin holes into the lock's individual components during the pre-assembly phase rather than after the core has been assembled. This controlled process provides a core tolerance that delivers excellent resistance to cylinder manipulation. In a locksmith pick test, the redesigned SFIC showed a significant reduction in the quantity of picked cores, which was lower than competitive products.

Additionally, the seven-pin core is noticeably easier to operate than its competitors, requiring 60 percent less force for insertion and rotation. The core's accurate design also helps to reduce the amount of time spent with core maintenance by minimizing key breakage and extending the life of the cylinder.

Available in three stylish finishes, the redesigned ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 SFIC can match almost any existing lock to provide a consistent look within a facility or office environment.