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Wren Releases Whitepaper on Network Video for School Security

According to technology research firm Gartner, school districts are using more effective, advanced security technologies in the wake of security breaches and campus violence across the nation. However, despite the use of technology, Gartner reports that school violence continues to be a threatening possibility1. To help administrators understand video technology issues and campus security challenges and solutions, Wren has released a white paper entitled "A Guide to Successful Network Video Implementation in K-12 Schools."

The paper examines the key benefits of video for schools, considers the unique challenges they face, and outlines best practices to successfully implement network video to support overall security and operations efforts. The paper also discusses different aspects of campus security and helps schools evaluate methods for selecting the appropriate video equipment. Additionally, the paper provides a how-to section on planning and conducting a site assessment to ensure a smooth implementation.

"The open, accessible environments in schools are inherently more difficult to protect than office buildings," says Paul Massart, Director of Technology for Kirbyville School District in Texas. "Unlike a typical office where access cards or codes are used to control entry, schools must accommodate different access needs of parents, students, faculty and visitors. Despite some advances, schools continue to have major challenges when it comes to security."

Having installed surveillance systems in schools across the country, Wren proposes using network (also known as IP) video as a foundation for developing a robust security system that includes the use of other security tools such as access control and alarms.

Andrew Wren, president of Wren noted, "There is no formula for failsafe security in schools; the most effective security programs are customized for the individual facility. Good security must be practical for the operating environment, and yet deter or prevent those wishing to cause harm from being able to do so. Video is a powerful tool in protecting students and staff from threats originating from within the campus buildings as well as the outside."

Wren advises its educational clients to integrate network video as a proactive tool for identifying and addressing security issues early. Network video offers scalability, flexibility, and accessibility – all of which ultimately result in increased, more effective use of the system.

A free copy of "A Guide to Successful Network Video Implementation in K-12 Schools," is available for download at education.wrensolutions.com.