Agilence Teams with IBM for Retail Analytics Solutions

StoreVision video analytics validated on the IBM Store Integration Framework solution

StoreVision is platform agnostic - integrating with the leading POS and Digital video system on the market. The top differentiator for StoreVision is creating a mirror database to that of the POS server, collecting "key stroke" data directly from POS terminals in what is know as a Scan/Key log. The Scan/Key log provides 30%-40% more data Vs. TLOG providing greater data-mining capabilities. This translates into finding more instances of shrink and lost productivity. When a user searches for a particular retail events or transactions, each resulting search item is linked with a unique image. An entire transaction can be reviewed or items can be seen image by image. Actionable reports are then created with a combination of complete video clips or IBM Retail on Demand still images. StoreVision decreases shrink, improves cashier performance and substantially increases store results.