3VR SmartStorage Aids Video Archiving and Searchability

New storage management technology designed to improve storage efficiency, improve access to needed evidence

Banks and Retailers Use 3VR to Improve Investigative Efficiency and Effectiveness

Banks and retailers combating fraud and theft require immediate access to comprehensive video surveillance evidence in the case of an investigation. With claims often sitting unreported for months, or even years, investigators often find that the video evidence they need has long been deleted and or severely compromised because it has been compressed to optimize storage. By saving high-quality video evidence for long periods of time, investigators are able to more effectively fight fraud and win convictions with complete cases. Using 3VR, investigators can instantly query for specific transactions, point-of-sale events or faces; review results in well-organized, easy-to-scan storyboards of Event Cards: create a comprehensive evidence trail spanning multiple years and multiple locations and add events to a central case management system that is easily shared with law enforcement.

3VR SmartStorage is immediately available from 3VR and authorized dealers. Existing 3VR customers can contact sales@3vr.com for upgrade information. For more information about how 3VR systems reduce costs and improve security and investigations, visit www.3VR.com.