AXCESS Introduces Scalable System Pricing for RFID Solutions

DALLAS, Jan. 11 -- AXCESS International Inc., a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems today introduced a lower price for its comprehensive physical asset management solution, Asset Activator(TM). The unique active RFID system automatically provides precise automatic location determination, tracking, inventory counts and physical protection for all types of enterprise assets. The reduced pricing is designed to generate an ROI for the customer of less than six months for all system sizes.

The low cost RFID asset management solution enables corporations to manage assets and effectively protect intellectual property and customer privacy data. Corporations can more easily comply with state personal privacy notification laws. AXCESS' unique solution provides both management and security in one standalone package that is also capable of interfacing with the full range of existing enterprise systems. Asset Activator is installed and operating in several corporate facilities worldwide.

"This new pricing was driven by a desire to yield a winning ROI for the customer at all system sizes," said Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of AXCESS. "The industry has consistently focused on a lower tag price, but since the total cost of ownership drives the ROI calculation, scaling the software pricing became a critical element. We can now deliver an ROI of less than 6 months that includes a reduction in the labor cost of inventorying assets, as well as virtually eliminating asset loss. And, our customers are very excited about the price of ten dollars for a dual-active tag."

AXCESS' OnlineSupervisor (OLS) browser-based software solution is a comprehensive management tool. In addition to simple tag logging, it filters tag reads based on user defined algorithmic filters then automatically triggers alerts. An asset not designated as authorized to leave the premises or a secure area, will trigger a standard alarm in the security system. Assets can be assigned authorized custodians for ease of movement. Dynamically accounting for assets reduces the manpower needed for inventory counts while increasing the accuracy of inventory accounting. Alert transactions can be clicked through to see additional information on the asset including identifying its authorized custodian and the location where the alert was generated. Facility maps display the asset's location visually and custom reports can be set up and run as needed. Simultaneous to running OLS, the system can seamlessly interface with existing enterprise software such as accounting, asset management, security and access control systems.

Asset Activator is more accurate than other RFID technologies that use signal power estimations or signal triangulation techniques for determining the location of assets. The Asset Activator solution utilizes a proven "Control Point" architecture to locate, track, count and protect tagged assets by activating the tags on-demand at key strategic points in and around the enterprise. Tags can be programmed to transmit only when requested, hence on-demand. The system conserves battery power and by transmitting only on-demand, it complies with regulations preventing constant tag transmissions as is typical in many active RFID systems.

Key to the establishment of Control Points inside a building is AXCESS' small "Switch Plate" activator-antenna unit. The activator-antenna activates the tag as it passes, automatically and accurately transmitting only at that time so the asset's exact position is tracked as it moves throughout a facility. The palm-sized unit fits in with the aesthetic design of a building and avoids the objectionable portal structure typical of passive RFID tag systems. The areas between Control Points can be sized as needed by the customer's unique requirements for asset visibility and location precision.

AXCESS' patented ActiveTag RFID product uses small, battery powered tags (generically called "dual-active" tags) that when automatically activated, transmit a wireless message over long range to hidden palm size receivers. The receivers are network devices which have the flexibility to be installed using either cable or using the existing Wi-Fi network. Optionally, the tag system can also be used to trigger security video recording and live remote video transmission. The tags are used for a variety of other security applications including automatic personnel access to facilities, automatic vehicle access to parking areas and yards, as well as special purpose sensing. Automatic email alerting and paging is offered for rapid response to security incidents.

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