GeoVision V8.12 Supports Windows Vista

Taipei Taiwan June 27, 2007 – GeoVision, a leading provider of PC-based video surveillance systems and software, in its latest version V8.12 extends its support to Windows Vista. GeoVision has watched closely into the IT revolution and developed the most up-to-date techniques for GeoVision products. The new scalability, mobility and operability enhancements in GeoVision V8.12 digital surveillance system deliver a better customer experience for using GeoVision systems on Windows Vista.

With GeoVision’s V8.12 it’s easy to run GeoVision surveillance system on the Windows Vista compatible PC, so you can enjoy Windows Vista features and benefit from GeoVision’s video surveillance security.

The trend of mobile phone surveillance is expected to continue in the coming years as mobile monitoring application needs are emerging. Improvements are seen in wide bandwidth techniques that are compatible with mobile handheld device. GeoVision has, therefore, developed surveillance features suitable for use on mobile handheld device.

Version 8.12 makes it easier than ever to use your mobile handheld device to view live feeds from GeoVision surveillance system. You can see 1, 4, 9, or 16 video feeds on your handheld device with V8.12 multi-screen feature. It’s faster to switch camera and view video in full screen using the OK button in the middle. You can control a PTZ camera via the directional button at your mobile phone. It’s simple to monitor your store or even home from your mobile device whenever you want.

You can explore more on the GeoVision video surveillance features from the GeoVision surveillance system site.