GV-Access Control System Linked with Vein Authentication

Taipei Taiwan July 4, 2007 – During June 5 to 9 at Asia's largest ICT exhibition Computex, GeoVision's Access Control System GV-AS200 was introduced with Hitachi's Finger Vein Authentication System, demonstrating cutting-edge technology to integrate video security, access control and biometrics IT solutions.

GeoVision Access Control System GV-AS200 was developed for the video monitoring and web-based management needs of access control. Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication system is a cutting-edge access control solution utilizing high-precision biometrics technology to authenticate identity. GeoVision GV-AS200 Access Control System and Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication System are successfully connected up for front-end authentication and back-end access control. GV-AS200 system can work hand-in-hand with finger vein authentication system to enhance access data management and improve video security.

The GV-AS200 will be GeoVision's first launch of the GeoVision access control product line. Taking advantage of our long experienced technology in video security surveillance, the GV-Access Control System provides seamless integration with GeoVision digital surveillance system to increase accessibility of access control information or sensor data with simultaneous video feeds on a single system.

The GV-AS200 is an intelligent 2 to 4 doors access controller designed to increase enterprise security with enhanced access control. This controller can connect GV-Reader or Wiegand interface card reader and allow registering up to 10,000 card users. The controller will automatically detect if the reader malfunctions. The GV-AS 200 controller can be easily connected with door sensor, exit button and electric lock for normal access control. Fire sensor and alarm device can be hooked up with GV-AS200 for emergency access control. It supports 12,000 different event types and pre-defines 4 most frequently used security scenarios for access control.

To learn more about GeoVision Access Control System visit www.geovision.com.tw. To learn more about Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication Technology, visit Hitachi site at www.hitachi.co.jp/Prod/comp/fingervein/global/.