Privaris and OSI Security Devices partner for wireless access control solution

Privaris, a provider of personal, wireless identity verification solutions, and OSI Security Devices, a supplier of standalone and integrated smart reader locking hardware, announced a partnership to provide organizations with an end-to-end wireless access control and identity verification solution.

Disrupting the access control market, OSI Wireless Access Management Systems (WAMS) and Privaris' plusID have become interoperable to offer customers a secure, wireless biometric solution that can literally be implemented overnight at a fraction of the installation and maintenance costs of traditional access control solutions.

The OSI WAMS enables organizations to fortify their physical security strategy with a remote access control application -- no wiring, no local AC power at the door and no drilling out the locks. Now customers can significantly heighten security with Privaris' plusID, a wireless identity verification token that leverages fingerprint biometrics to provide secure access to multiple facilities in place of prox cards, smart cards PINS and fobs. Employees simply swipe their finger across their personal token, their fingerprint is matched directly on the plusID device, and upon wirelessly releasing the user's access credentials via low or high frequency RFID to WAMS, they are granted access in seconds -- virtually eliminating lines at doors and strengthening security over traditional access cards.

"The cost and complexity of security has risen alongside the demand for stronger security solutions, making it difficult for organizations to implement a strategy that meets both budgetary and security goals," said John Petze, President and CEO, Privaris. "As such, we're pleased to partner with OSI to offer organizations a cost-effective, end-to-end wireless access control solution that heightens and simplifies their overall security strategy. Our combined solution seamlessly integrates with existing WAMS installations and can be deployed overnight -- eliminating the disruption and productivity losses incurred with traditional access control solutions."

"We are thrilled to offer our customers an opportunity to leverage Privaris' unique plusID solution as part of our wireless security solution," said Derek Trimble, President, OSI. "Identity verification is an integral part of any organization's access control strategy, but providing secure credentials can be very costly and difficult to manage. With plusID, our customers will now be able to securely store their access credentials on a personal token that is protected by biometrics, and that is interoperable with WAMS. We're offering organizations a unique solution set that will change the way the market views access control."

Through the partnership, Privaris will be able to take advantage of OSI's distribution network, the groups noted in a release.