Honeywell introduces new Vindicator system integrator program

LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 3, 2008 – Honeywell announced today the launch of its new Vindicator System Integrator program, which r ecognizes the commitment that integrators make in delivering Vindicator products and solutions for end users.

Vindicator provides integrated security solutions—including intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance and assessment—designed to meet the demanding requirements of complex and multi-faceted security applications such as military bases, government sites, correctional facilities and other mission-critical installations. The Vindicator System Integrator program focuses on delivering solutions to end users in a high-quality, consistent manner while offering a choice of qualified delivery options. Integrators are evaluated on Honeywell product training, Microsoft ® certification, program awards and quality of installation.

With two certification levels, the program enables system integrators to extend the Vindicator delivery infrastructure with complementary solutions that add value for customers:

· The Gold Certified category is designed for system integrators who display a proven ability to embrace and extend the Vindicator platform to end users. Requirements include the successful completion of at least two Vindicator product training courses and at least three successful Vindicator installations in the past 36 months.

· The Platinum Certified category is designed for high-security system integrators looking to build long-term, committed and mutually beneficial relationships with Honeywell Vindicator Security Solutions. In addition to meeting the requirements of Gold-level certification, Platinum integrators must also certify that at least one of their team members has successfully completed all Vindicator product training courses. They also must have completed at least five successful Vindicator installations in the past 36 months.

“We have developed this program because we know that successful integrators deliver high quality service to their customers, improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. By emphasizing great service, these dealers differentiate themselves from the competition by creating value that customers are looking for,” said Joe Janick, sales director, Honeywell. “We believe dealers who make the investment and effort to deliver quality service deserve to enjoy special benefits in appreciation of their efforts.”

Among the benefits integrators will enjoy as the result of their participation in the program include access to program resources and information on the Vindicator System Integrator Web site, and eligibility to participate in Vindicator customer events and joint marketing programs.

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