36X Zoom and Stabilization Module for Bosch AutoDome Camera

Fairport, New York – Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, today announced the release of a new AutoDome camera module that offers an industry-leading 36x optical zoom and digital image stabilization technology for superior image clarity.

Available with the AutoDome Modular 300 and 500i Series, this new camera module delivers 36x of optical zoom and an additional 12x of digital zoom, extending the camera's zoom range an amazing 432 times. The innovative AutoDome Modular Camera System employs a platform of fully interchangeable components to allow users to cost-effectively migrate to advanced functionality without replacing the entire camera system. The 36x module can be added to any existing AutoDome Modular camera, helping security personnel easily adapt their existing systems to meet changing conditions and requirements.

With a full 540 TV Lines of horizontal resolution, this advanced camera module delivers outstanding image detail. The camera also incorporates sophisticated backlight compensation technology that dramatically improves the dynamic range by 128 times, resulting in clear image reproduction even in extreme high-contrast environments.

Digital image stabilization algorithms included with the AutoDome 500i Series eliminate camera shake in both the vertical and horizontal axis, resulting in sharper images. This technology is critical when cameras are zoomed to a high value, as a mere quarter-inch movement of the camera mount can shift the field of view by more than 20 feet. With Bosch’s unique image stabilization solution, camera sensitivity is not reduced, unlike competitive systems.

AutoDome Modular cameras are offered in four models, ranging from basic level fixed-position to the full-featured 500i-Series Intelligent Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera. AutoDome cameras allow for hybrid connectivity – the ability to stream IP and analog video simultaneously – and can incorporate intelligent features such as motion detection and AutoTrack II automated motion tracking technology. AutoTrack II utilizes Bosch’s unique “virtual masks,” so the AutoDome cameras only track objects in specified areas, while ignoring extraneous background motion.

The camera systems easily integrate with the entire line of Bosch surveillance products and come with a three-year warranty, the longest available in the security industry on a camera.