SecuGen releases new version of fingerprint reader

Santa Clara, Calif. (April 2, 2008) – SecuGen is pleased to announce the immediate availability of an improved version of the Hamster Plus fingerprint reader. This newly upgraded device captures fingerprint images much faster than previously. In addition, the Hamster Plus now makes the Smart Capture feature available. Smart Capture automatically adjusts the sensor brightness to capture fingerprints from dry and moist fingers that have often been difficult to scan. Smart Captures improves image quality that results in greater matching accuracy.

The Hamster Plus is now available at a new lower price. With a suggested retail price of $89, the Hamster Plus combines the high quality that SecuGen has long been known for with improved performance and an extremely competitive price structure.

The Hamster Plus now offers:

• Fast image capture (approximately 100 milliseconds or 400 milliseconds with Smart Capture)
• Smart Capture for consistently high quality image capture
• Lower price
• Auto-On to detect finger placement and automatically scan fingerprints
• Highly scratch-resistant platen surface that is nearly as hard as quartz

"Our engineers are constantly looking for ways to create the finest fingerprint readers on the market at the best prices," stated Dan Riley, SecuGen's Vice President of Engineering. "The new Hamster Plus is a result of these efforts. The response of our partners who integrate the Hamster Plus with their biometric applications has been overwhelmingly positive about this new product."

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen added, "We have relentlessly pursued a strategy of 'Faster, Better, Cheaper.' The new Hamster Plus is a milestone in this pursuit. We have achieved the goal of reducing cost without sacrificing performance and quality. We are very pleased to offer our partners a fingerprint reader that is arguably the best in the biometrics market at a price that is on the low end of the spectrum."