Seagate Unveils a New Broad Portfolio of Specialized Hard Disk Drives for Digitial Video Surveillance Systems

Seagate SV35 Series, Barracuda ES and EE25 Series Hard Drives are optimized for continuous use and provide the utmost in security, reliability and capacity

A Complete Range of Surveillance Hard Drive Options Seagate SV35 Series hard drives enable greater capacity, reliability, performance and features in digital video surveillance systems and applications through combining Seagate’s latest advancements in hard drive technology with features designed specifically for digital video surveillance recording. With about eight times the capacity of a 160GB hard drive, a single 1TB SV35 enables a multitude of video cameras to be deployed, significantly increasing the cost-effectiveness of the S-DVR system. In addition, the larger capacity enables longer archival periods and allows the S-DVR to take full advantage of the high-resolution, capacity-intensive video streams to deploy intelligent video applications.

The Barracuda ES hard drive has industry-leading capacity, reliability and enterprise features demanded by capacity-intensive 24x7 applications like enterprise video surveillance. The Barracuda ES hard drive provides ideal SATA storage for multi-drive enterprise network surveillance applications where storage system redundancy is often required.

In certain circumstances video surveillance storage happens in extreme environments such as freezing cold, blazing heat, high humidity, shock and vibration – all daunting conditions to ordinary hard drives. Seagate’s EE25 Series hard drives, built to withstand the rigors of extreme environments and operate in mobile situations, deliver the perfect combination of storage capacity, data reliability and environmental ruggedness for surveillance applications in outdoor and mobile situations.

The new generation of Seagate SV35 Series hard drives are scheduled to begin shipping in December 2007. The EE25 Series and Barracuda ES Series hard drives are currently shipping in volume to customers worldwide.

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