Dedicated Micros launches customer training program

Dedicated Micros is pleased to announce the launch of a new innovative training program to provide high-quality training to its customers in both remote web based and classroom style formats.

The training program will focus on Dedicated Micros products, beginning with the new SD series of DVRs, as well as the popular Digital Sprite 2 series of DVRs, and eventually expanding to the entire product line. The training classes—both online and classroom style—are created based on the users involvement with the product, offering different content for installers and operators. The task-oriented training allows users to quickly identify and master relevant information to their situation.

“The expanded product line and diversity of capabilities made our old classroom based training obsolete,” said Mark Provinsal, vice president of marketing and product strategy for Dedicated Micros Inc. “Today, both end users and dealers are now asking for training to take full advantage of the capabilities of the system. The task-oriented training program enables our customers to know how to get the most out of their investment, while recognizing the fact that operators, dealers and installers have different needs. They don't always have the time or access to classrooms and are looking for ways to learn the material on their own time.”

About Dedicated Micros
Dedicated Micros Inc., which supports North and South America , is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK-based AD Holdings PLC. The company is credited as one of the first to market with general multiplexing technology and digital video technology. Today, Dedicated Micros Inc. is a world leader in the CCTV control industry. Our solution provides robust, dedicated, user-friendly multiplexing hardware with digital or video capability for security surveillance. For more information, visit the Dedicated Micros website at

About AD Group

AD Group was established in 1997, its primary objective being to create and bring to market leading edge CCTV solutions. The pioneering nature of the Group's products, with the emphasis very much on R&D, has undoubtedly been a critical element in AD's success to date. In 2001 Dedicated Micros became an integral part of AD Group. Since that time all AD companies have been able to take advantage of a shared technology base, offering the potential for flexible CCTV solutions on the ground, in the air and on the move. Members of AD Group include: AD Aerospace, AD Aviation, AD Network Video, ChipWrights, Dennard, Dedicated Micros, D-Tec, ISD, RemGuard, TSS and TES. More information on AD is available at .