MuxLab releases Active VGA Balun II

MuxLab, designer and manufacturer of security video and audio-video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces its latest addition to its AV connectivity portfolio, the Active VGA Balun II Kit (500140). Developed for the commercial PC/server market, the Active VGA Balun II Kit provides enhanced performance over MuxLab’s current Active VGA Balun Kit (500035).

The Active VGA Balun II is the first DDC-compliant VGA extender on the market for "plug-and-play" installation with laptops, PCs and custom imaging applications. At boot-up, the Active VGA Balun II Kit reads the monitor’s characteristics and allows the VGA source to adjust its video output according to the display monitor’s size and resolution. The product also supports Remote Power Pass-Thru up to 200 ft (61m) for more streamlined installation where additional AC power sources are not available at the monitor.

The performance of the product is one of the highest in its class, supporting up to 600 ft (180m) via Cat5e/6 @ 1920 x 1440/1080p and features high and low frequency gain adjustment plus local monitor output for added versatility. Additionally the product also supports component video (RGB/YpbPr) when used with the appropriate VGA-to-RGB cable assemblies (not included).

The Active VGA Balun II Kit includes one (1) Transmitter, one (1) Receiver and two (2) power supplies. A local monitor port on the transmitter provides added versatility the product features LED diagnostic indicators for ease of troubleshooting. The Active VGA Balun II streamlines cabling in applications such as: security video, video-conferencing, digital signage, medical imaging, video walls, boardroom and classroom video systems. For more information, please visit the MuxLab website or contact MuxLab at +1 514-905-0588, or