Honeywell launches NetAXS retrofit board at ISC West

LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 27, 2008 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced the newest member of the NetAXS family. The NetAXS Retrofit Board is a one-of-a-kind access control solution that provides an easy way for users to migrate their existing N-1000 access control panel for extended functionality without having to rewire or reprogram. Users who already have a Honeywell N-1000-III or IV access control board can simply remove that board and put NetAXS in its place with no programming or rewiring. For an experienced technician, most installations can be completed in 30 minutes or less with a minimum number of steps.

The NetAXS Retrofit Board incorporates several features that expedite the installation:

• Terminal blocks are "plug compatible" with N-1000-III/X and N-1000-IV/X. Pull a terminal block off N-1000, plug NetAXS right back in.

• The NetAXS Retrofit Board operates exactly like an N-1000* board so there is no programming to install new hardware.
• The NetAXS Retrofit Board is the same size as the N-1000 board, so it just drops right in to the existing enclosure.

The NetAXS portfolio is Honeywell's new hybrid access control panel that combines flexibility with performance. "This one-of-a-kind access control panel is designed for users who want to manage their access control system using a Web browser, a PC, or a combination of both," said John Smith, product manager, Honeywell. "NetAXS lets users choose the level of security and functionality their business requires."

The NetAXS control panel features built-in Ethernet functionality for faster processing and communications, and is now available in three options:

• The Retrofit Board ensures future-proof installations for current N-1000 users. Users who replace their N-1000 panels with NetAXS can utilize built-in Ethernet functionality, a faster 32-bit processor, FLASH memory, and expandable inputs and relays.

• The Small Enclosure includes the control panel, suppressor, transformer and battery.
• The Large Enclosure includes an access control panel, power supply, distributed relay module and battery backup. It makes access control simple for first-time installers with pre-wiring, color-coded removable terminal blocks, power for door locks, multiple grounding points and large wiring channels.

NetAXS is perfect for small and medium-sized organizations such as pharmacies, hospitals and medical offices, restaurants and convenience stores. It's also ideal for retail establishments and commercial offices, manufacturing, light industrial facilities and more.

Honeywell will demonstrate the new NetAXS Retrofit Board at ISC West 2008 in April, along with a timed Retrofit Board installation challenge for show attendees. To learn more, visit

*NetAXS Retrofit Board is not compatible with N-1000-II control panels and N-1000-III/IV systems running 20mA loop communications, ABA card format, Inputs 15 & 16 and AEP-3/5 boards.