Intransa Introduces Shared, Scalable and Simple Next Generation IP Video Storage

New Video Surveillance Management Tool for Rapid Storage Setup Reduces Costs and Integration

Intransa Inc. , the global leader of shared, scalable and simple IP storage solutions, announced today its latest shared and scalable external IP storage products for video and IT storage users including a Video Storage Administrator (VSA) toolset, the EdgeBlock M12 edge storage recording platform and other offerings that support the new M12 module.

Unveiled today at the ISC West Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, Intransa's VSA toolset enables video surveillance , industrial video and other video storage users to quickly setup and benefit from an Intransa IP storage solution without any previous IT or storage management experience. The newly announced Intransa EdgeBlock M12 is an ideal platform for the edge, recording directly from IP-enabled surveillance cameras or through standard DVRs and NVRs .

The Intransa VSA toolset and the EdgeBlock M12 affordably and modularly scale from as little as 4TB up to 1,500TB (1.5PB) of RAID-protected, high performance external recording capacity. Customers require less overall capacity than with DVR/NVR-only solutions and are able to dramatically increase retention periods, store video at maximum resolution and frame rates and are ensured always-available recording. Video surveillance users benefit from Intransa's storage support of thousands of cameras with a single shared storage system. Users also have the option to run other security and IT applications simultaneously for additional savings and benefits.

New Software Features and Enhancements

The VSA toolset is among the new features and enhancements added to the proven, fourth-generation Intransa StorStac software suite. The VSA is a powerful subset of the StorManager graphical user interface (GUI) used to setup, provision and control all StorStac Systems. Intransa's VSA is a key benefit to physical security, video surveillance, quality assurance, supply chain surveillance, industrial video and other users that are more familiar with cameras than high performance, scalable IP storage.

Integrated features of the VSA include:

  • Dynamic load balancing and storage management ensure optimum utilization of Intransa shared, scalable IP storage to meet video requirements, lessening the overall storage requirements of multiple cameras, DVRs, NVRs or servers and allowing more video to be retained in less total capacity and for significantly less cost.
  • A video storage calculator displays available capacity and performance while monitoring recording speed and throughput.
  • Advanced administration and remote access ensure that video users are able to concentrate on their video applications while also simplifying and reducing maintenance and administration.
  • For IT users, the familiar, expanded and powerful features of the Intransa StorStac OS provide a single-system viewpoint via the StorManager GUI whether supporting a few terabytes or up to 1.5 petabytes of high performance storage.
  • DynaStac thin provisioning ensures maximum utilization of deployed storage resources, a key component of Green IT, as well as StorCluster, StorStac Snapshot, and StorAR asynchronous replication continue to be available and have been enhanced with a number of improvements.

New Platform Choices

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