Hackensack Univ. Hospital Selects Imprivata OneSign

OneSign single sign-on technology helps control access to clinical information

LEXINGTON, MA—May 14, 2007—Imprivata, Inc., the enterprise authentication and access management appliance company, today announced that Hackensack University Medical Center has selected Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide easy and convenient access to clinical information without compromise to patient care. By eliminating password problems that were plaguing its staff of nearly 8000, OneSign SSO will reduce time physicians and clinicians spend accessing applications and increase time spent with patients.

Physicians and clinicians at Hackensack University Medical Center often work between the main hospital site and the many connecting doctors' offices. As they moved from location to location, they were required to reenter their passwords each time. Since the hospital's policies require unique passwords for each application as well as password changes every 45 days, the staff quickly became overwhelmed trying to keep track of each application's regularly-changing password. Driven by a commitment to quality, Hackensack University Medical Center's IT department sought a way to address this staff pain point by making it convenient for them to access critical patient records and information by reducing the number of passwords they need to remember.

"We needed a way to streamline application access for our physicians and clinicians, making the process the same regardless of where they were logging on – via local PCs, kiosks or remotely," explained Lex Ferrauiola, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Hackensack University Medical Center. "In doing this, we would not only make our staff happy, but we would also be able to significantly reduce password reset calls to the Help Desk."

After looking at four single sign-on solutions, Hackensack University Medical Center's IT department selected Imprivata because of the company's expertise in single sign-on, its successful completion of a Proof of Concept and the non-intrusive approach that OneSign SSO takes to learning each application. OneSign SSO's unique Application Profile Generator (APG) "learns" the login behavior of the target applications allowing a more quick and easy implementation process. As new applications are added or existing applications change, the APG makes changes in minutes, behind the scenes, without any interruption or downtime.

"Imprivata SSO is a best-of-breed solution that fits our technical infrastructure," said Benjamin Bordonaro, Director of Information Technology and Chief Technology Officer, Hackensack University Medical Center. "We did not have to redo our architecture. There were no changes required to Active Directory. We could just bolt it right on to what we have today."

Imprivata OneSign SSO is designed to quickly and effectively solve password management and user access issues and can work with any application—legacy, client/server or web-based, including healthcare information systems such as Meditech, Cerner, McKesson, Eclipsys, Siemens and IDX. It allows for roaming desktops, so open applications and records can travel with the clinicians and physicians. OneSign SSO has been proven to increase user productivity and satisfaction, empower end users by offering self service password reset capabilities, dramatically lower help desk costs resulting from forgotten passwords and assist with regulatory compliance including HIPAA regulations.

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