Signet Technologies to Provide SightLogic Perimeter Security Solutions

Princeton, N.J. – June 25, 2007 – SightLogix Inc., the developer of the industry's first outdoor automated video surveillance solution, today announced a partnership with Signet Technologies to sell and install SightLogix' perimeter security solution.

Beltsville, Md.-based Signet Technologies is a leader in the design, integration, installation, maintenance and operation of technically complex, integrated electronic security systems. The company offers complete, end-to-end integrated electronic security and network solutions to major customers such as the U.S. Army and Departments of Homeland Security and Treasury.

"We are confident that Signet Technologies, with its proven record of video systems sales and service to key customers, will play a major role in the continued growth of SightLogix' share of the outdoor perimeter security market," said John Romanowich, president and chief executive officer of SightLogix.

Mike Mostow, VP of Sales and Marketing at Signet Technologies, said the SightLogix solution offers a powerful platform that will be of significant interest to many of his larger clients. "This is the type of solution that will perfectly fit the needs of many of our customers, particularly in the federal government," he said. "SightLogix offers a wide array of thermal and visible products that solve many of the problems associated with deploying video analytics in the outdoor environment such as image stabilization and GPS target tracking."

The SightLogix Enterprise Security system consists of multiple SightSensor units connected to SightMonitor target-display coordination software that resides with existing display and archival (NVR) systems. The SightSensor is a powerful and unique in-camera processing platform that integrates camera control, advanced image processing, object tracking and behavior analysis. The SightLogix system is designed to operate over low-bandwidth wireless networks and can run on solar or battery power.

The enterprise security systems secure outdoor perimeters and buffer zones while minimizing false alarms. SightLogix has designed standards-based, secure, IT cameras with 10 times the detection coverage, as compared to other surveillance systems, which means fewer cameras and less infrastructure are required on each installation.

SightLogix was founded in 2004 in Princeton, N.J. specifically to address the need for a viable outdoor intelligent video systems solution. The company's management and technical teams have pioneered several generations of video processing architectures and founded other video analytics companies. For more information on SightLogix, visit its Web site at