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AMAG Releases New Symmetry Edge Network Controller

Torrance, CA, September 19, 2007 –AMAG Technology announces the release of its new Symmetry Edge Network Controller. The Symmetry Edge Network Controller joins AMAG's family of Symmetry Edge Network products, and is part of the next generation Symmetry product portfolio.

The Symmetry Edge Network Controller is an IP centric solution that provides distributed intelligence at the door. Symmetry Edge Network Controller utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE), providing up to 700 mA of power for each reader and lock, therefore eliminating a separate power supply.

Symmetry Edge Network Controller supports up to 50,000 cardholders and 10,500 off-line transactions, and requires Symmetry Security Management software version 6.1 or later for Symmetry Business, Professional or Enterprise to operate. A separate Symmetry Homeland version is also available.

"The Symmetry Edge Network Controller is next generation hardware for access control," said AMAG Technology, Chief Technical Officer, David Ella. "The Symmetry Edge Network Controller reduces installation costs dramatically by utilizing an on-board LAN interface and removing the need for a separate power feed for the reader and lock. Our integrators can save a lot of time during the installation and can bid more competitively because they can just plug the unit into the LAN."

Additional benefits include:

• Surface or wall switch mounted on secure side of door
• Optional local power input where PoE not available
• Supports DHCP, DNS and static IP addresses
• Optional mounting inside traditional steel MultiNODE enclosure
• Requires Symmetry Edge Network Controller software license per controller (supplied separately)

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