Dedicated Micros Unveils Dennard PTZ Camera with 36x Zoom

Chantilly, VA, April 2, 2008—Dedicated Micros – part of AD Group – is pleased to announce the vandal-proof Dennard 2060 precision outdoor dome camera, with a powerful 36x optical zoom version and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities.

The 36x optical zoom has been implemented to deliver enhanced camera performance at both the wide and telephoto end of the lens zoom range. The pan and tilt mechanism features stepper motors for rapid and precise movement control and enhanced accuracy and reliability.

The 540 TVL Day/Night camera is engineered to simplify installation with both coaxitron protocol support as well as an time saving wiring and mounting procedures. The four year advance replacement warranty provides long term service to the user.

“The advanced zoom capabilities of this camera is a valuable addition to the Dedicated Micros suite of surveillance cameras,” said Mark Provinsal, vice president of marketing and product strategy for Dedicated Micros Inc. “Dedicated Micros continues to develop products that offer our customers leading technology for an end-to-end solution.”