Sagem Morpho introduces TWIC compliant biometric reader

MorphoAccess 521 first smart card access device to meet TSA requriments for TWIC

"The MA521 TWIC is the only TWIC-compliant biometric reader that can validate the card’s authenticity and verify the cardholder’s identity using decryption, across a contactless interface," said Bangs, explaining that a no-contact interface was required for the TWIC program due to harsh port environments where damp weather can interfere with a traditional magnetic contact strip reader.

First demonstrated by SMI at the ISC West 2008 International Security Conference held in Las Vegas, the MA521 TWIC was the only biometric reader at the conference able to access and retrieve information from TWIC cards under all four Maritime Security Levels. SMI will demonstrate its TWIC reader at the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) Port Security Seminar and Expo in Houston, Texas on July 17th 2008.