Case Study: Seagate Drives for Megapixel Video

Barracuda ES series used to match megapixel video recording from Avigilon

Installation costs can also be dramatically reduced. A typical installation at a large airport parking lot, for example, could require dozens of cameras, 24-hour attendance and mounting poles - costing upwards of $30,000 each. These deployment and personnel costs have prohibited such projects in the past. The High-Definition Surveillance System does not necessitate an attendant, and a single Avigilon 16 megapixel camera can capture the same level of detail as 50 conventional surveillance cameras, eliminating the costs associated with cabling multiple camera sites.

What's Next

"The performance and reliability of Seagate HDDs enabled us to shorten the time to market for the product we had designed," explained Parkinson. "Our products are designed for mission-critical infrastructures to protect people and critical assets, so we need bullet-proof technology to go into our systems, and Seagate has delivered. Now we're experiencing rapid growth and we'll continue to look to partners such as Seagate to provide us with reliable technology that will continue to exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers. As the leader in all the key performance metrics for HDDs, Seagate has proven themselves as an important partner as we continue to grow."