Pelco by Schneider Electric

New Pelco Endura Applications Now Available

Clovis, CA (October 30, 2007) – Pelco is pleased to announce the availability of version 1.5 of WS5000 Advanced System Software for the Endura IP Video Security System. Whether running on a WS5050 Endura Workstation or on a qualifying PC, the WS5000 software provides access to all operation and configuration features of the Endura system in a unified, user-friendly interface.

Users can view live video; control cameras; record video; and search, play back, and export recorded video. Throughout the interface, drag-and-drop operations, shortcut menus and tooltips enable the most direct user interactions. Sound, graphics, color, and on-screen messages provide helpful, ongoing feedback about user activity and system status.

“The upgraded user interface and new icons make the WS5000 user experience more intuitive than ever,” says Rob Morello, Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Digital Systems. “What’s even more exciting – Version 1.5 includes new capabilities for systemization with a range of new Endura applications.”

Along with the release of Workstation v1.5, Pelco is pleased to announce the release of Endura Mapping software. Powerful and intuitive, Endura Mapping gives users unprecedented control over their Endura system. The flexible and intuitive interface makes it easy to configure and use maps in an Endura system. Fully systemized with Endura, the application can receive and manage alarms from components, view video from cameras, push video onto monitors, and control relays throughout the Endura IP video system.

An innovative pop-up window provides easy, instant access to live video, alarms, relays, and more. Using the pop-up window allows a user to maintain vigilance over the map without having to jump back and forth to the workstation application. Centralized management ensures security of the system. The Endura System Manager provides a single database for managing users’ rights, permissions, and access throughout the mapping interface – systemized with the rest of the Endura system.

Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems ideal for any industry. Recently acquired by Schneider Electric of France, Pelco continues to produce the security industry’s most complete offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, digital video recorders, IP solutions – and much more. To learn more about Endura Workstation software v1.5 and Endura Mapping, visit