Ness Technologies Finishes New Crisis Management System

Bangkok, Thailand – November 7, 2007 – Ness Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSTC), a global provider of information technology solutions and services, today announced that it has completed the development of its NessCMS Crisis Management System. NessCMS is a multidisciplinary solution for crisis preparedness and management. NessCMS creates a real-time integrated situation picture, and enhances crisis control and management. The system enables faster and better responses to emergency situations, and it optimizes rescue operation planning and resource allocation. The announcement was made at Defense & Security 2007, the tri-service Asian defense and internal security event for land, sea and air, being held in Bangkok, Thailand.

NessCMS addresses all emergency and security requirements from the municipal level up to the regional and national levels. NessCMS can be built according to the specific needs of each country, and it can be easily customized to reflect each nation's operational environment and operational concept. NessCMS covers the full breadth of the crisis team, from governmental bodies, rescue crews and emergency service organizations to police, firefighters, ambulances and others. NessCMS is based on Ness Technologies' existing building blocks, including the company's AwareNess emergency management system and ICCS integrated command and control system, among others.

"NessCMS enables decision-makers to understand and analyze the event, as well as make intelligent decisions to quickly resolve problems in real time, spanning terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and multiple-casualty accidents at sea, on land and in the air," said Michael Zinderman, President, Technologies & Systems Group (TSG), Ness Technologies. "NessCMS allows collection, sharing and distribution of real-time information, and smooth coordination among diverse organizations, resulting in focused and efficient channeling of all aid efforts."

NessCMS displays a single, accurate, and updated situation picture at all levels, at any given time. The system creates, analyzes and manages an integrated situation picture built from diverse data sources, supports the situation assessment process, and plans response. NessCMS supports execution and control processes, and assigns, directs and monitors the required resources. It investigates and reconstructs events via data storage and recording capabilities, supporting debriefing and training of decision-makers at all levels. NessCMS seamlessly connects to legacy systems at various local, regional and national agencies.

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