SentryNet Focusing on Providing Dealers with More RMR

SentryNet has been working with new technologies to provide their dealers with programs designed to add RMR. Video Verification is becoming more important with communities and municipalities looking to reduce dispatches. On another front, the AMPS deadline is rapidly approaching and dealers are looking at all alternatives.

SentryNet is responding to the growing concern of municipalities requiring that alarms be verified before they respond. RSI Alarm's Videofied is a proven technology and their system sends a video clip of the actual event that triggered the alarm direct to an operators' screen in the central station. "We have decided to integrate Videofied into our systems as a means of verifying alarms and relaying important information to responding agencies in emergency situations" says Michael Joseph, SentryNet's Vice President of Operations. "Our dealers have been proactive in taking the process to local municipalities and demonstrating the benefit to responders. We are all trying to be good corporate citizens in our communities and we want law enforcement to know that we are doing the very best we can to give them accurate, reliable information."

SentryNet also recently added the AES/Intellinet new Advanced Wireless to Internet Communications System in their UL listed Central Station. This system is designed to support multiple mesh networks and connect them to the central station via the Internet.

Several dealers have chosen this system as an excellent solution to the AMPS Sunset issue, scheduled to end support of the analogue cell service on February 18, 2008. "I want my company's fate in my hands" said Michael Ash, President of Garden State Alarms. "GSM service is fine but who's to say that the FCC or some other government entity wouldn't declare that obsolete in ten years." AES-Intellinet Wireless to Internet system allows me to replace all the different cell type back up communication systems with a single technology at a reasonable one time installation cost and lower monthly cost from the central station. We are not paying a third party to relay the signals to my central station." The AES-Intellinet system also enables dealers to expand their existing capabilities and can link multiple mesh networks to the central station.

"We are committed to stay ahead of the curve at SentryNet. We want to give our dealers every opportunity to generate additional RMR from their existing customers with new technologies and these systems also may open up new markets for our dealers that have only installed traditional systems" says David Avritt, President of SentryNet.