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Stanley Security Solutions Upgrades HBV400 Video Management Solution

Indianapolis, IN – Stanley Security Solutions, a provider of access control and integrated security solutions, today announced the HBV400 video management solution has been upgraded for optimized performance with additional integration capabilities. Developed to meet the specific security demands of commercial, financial and educational institutions as well as the retail industry, the HBV400 version 9.7 integrated security solution provides an added, critical layer of security through its upgraded features and capabilities.

The HBV400 video management solution version 9.7 is a PC-based, hybrid digital video recording system designed to support up to 32 analog cameras and IP cameras, which can be added in increments of 4 with up to 32 per system. To provide the fastest performance, the HBV400 version 9.7 features an upgraded PC platform with dual core processors. Furthermore, its open architecture provides the benefits of a user friendly interface, enabling users to take full advantage of technological advancements.

“End users are constantly looking to implement the most cutting edge technology solutions on the market,” said Adrian Dobrisan, global product line manager at Stanley Security Solutions. “The HBV400 version 9.7 represents a uniquely powerful, versatile and cost effective video surveillance system that allows the end user to upgrade, rather than replace, their system with the technology that addresses their unique needs over time.”

One of the most flexible solutions on the market, the HBV400 version 9.7 stands alone in providing unrivaled picture quality as a result of its proprietary full frame compression technology. Designed to conveniently provide optimized performance, the HBV400 version 9.7 features higher performance capture cards that record at a maximum 240 frames per second at standard resolution without the need to synchronize cameras.

The integration capabilities of the HBV400 are significantly extended with version 9.7 as it can now be integrated with the Bosch alarm panel (D9000/D7000 series) and support the AXIS 241Q Video Servers. Additionally, the HBV400 video management solution version 9.7 is integrated with the Lenel® OnGuard® software, B.A.S.I.S.® software, the private labeled Stanley® access control system that offers an offline lock capability and the NT500 by Stanley, a user friendly security and access control solution with integrated ID badging, elevator control and alarm management.

The power of the Stanley® HBV400 digital video system version 9.7 provides end-users with a totally integrated access control and video management solution. Additional new features in the upgraded HBV400 version 9.7 include:

- Improved noise filtering in motion detection that providing increased accuracy of motion detection - Ease in setting motion sensitivity correctly with motion trails and motion highlights - Multiple pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera tours with schedule - Ability to remotely move a PTZ camera to a different position