American Detection Technologies to Provide Canine Services at Massachusetts Ferries

WORCESTER, Mass.--American Detection Technologies, Inc. (AMDETECH), a homeland security company and national leader in contraband detection services using highly-trained canine teams, today announced it has begun its summer program with the Steamship Authority of Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

In providing services for the second straight year, AMDETECH canine and handler teams will conduct random searches of vehicles and luggage being loaded onto the Steamship Authority's ferries that serve the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

"AMDETECH is pleased to announce the continuation of our successful screening program with the Steamship Authority," said Ronald H. Allen, President and CEO of AMDETECH. "As the leading provider of canine detection services to the cruise line industry, we are experts in elevating security measures at nautical locations."

Lawrence S. Ferreira, Director of Security for the Steamship Authority, said, "We are committed to ensuring the public safety during our busy summer season by taking a pro-active approach, and we look forward to working with AMDETECH again this year in our ongoing efforts to streamline our screening procedures, particularly during periods of heightened maritime security levels."

AMDETECH has made two acquisitions in the past nine months and is now one of the largest homeland security firms in the United States to offer trained canine and handler teams for contraband detection both domestically and abroad.

AMDETECH has corporate headquarters in New York City, administrative services offices in Worcester, MA, a field office in New Orleans, LA, and training facilities in New Smyrna Beach, FL, Woodstock, CT, and Hialeah, FL. In addition to The Steamship Authority, other clients include Carnival Cruise Lines, Constellation Energy, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Hawaii Department of Transportation, and the Army of The Dominican Republic.