SEC makes publications available through ASIS

The Security Executive Council (SEC) has formed a partnership with ASIS Internationall, to provide leadership tools and solutions to benefit members of both organizations and the security industry. ASIS will offer the SEC's leadership materials — including books, presentations and research reports — in the ASIS bookstore.

"The tools and solutions created by the Security Executive Council are the result of nearly three years of research and product development," says Bob Hayes, the SEC's managing director. "Each book or presentation is designed and developed to the exact specifications of members to address current leadership challenges. These issues and strategies have proven to be universal for corporate and IT security professionals."

"This is a significant initiative for the industry," says Timothy L. Williams, CPP, president of ASIS Intl. "It enables (our) members to gain access to the cutting-edge materials developed by and for security executives."

The ASIS Bookstore Catalog 2008-09 is featuring nine publications from the more than 100 original SEC products, including the books Security Careers: Defining Jobs, Compensation, Qualifications and Measures & Metrics: A Workbook for Demonstrating How Security Adds Value to Business. Both are offered in several formats, including PDF, CD and print. Another offering, "Companion to Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security, Series 1 and 2," is a series of PowerPoint presentations developed to help security professionals communicate the value of security to executive management.

The ASIS bookstore is available online at All of the SEC materials can be viewed and purchased at