Intergraph, ObjectVideo and Stanley Security Partner to Secure Fort Bragg

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 2006 -- Intergraph Corporation today announced an agreement with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ObjectVideo, and Stanley Security Solutions to provide advanced perimeter security at Fort Bragg’s Simmons Army Air Field.

The security system includes advanced security technologies, including the largest deployment to date of SensorNet, the innovative open standards architecture for sensor integration designed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a multi-program laboratory managed for the U.S. Department of Energy by UT-Battelle, LLC. In particular, Intergraph and ObjectVideo are providing the facility with video analytics and sensor integration technology to form a single, common operating picture for base security personnel.

The ObjectVideo VEW and Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) systems provide security enhancements for perimeter intrusion detection, including advanced leader/follower and cross-camera tracking capabilities, allowing security personnel to easily define global rule sets and receive annotated alerts in real-time. Leader/follower allows a fixed camera to control another camera to track moving targets of interest at high resolution and with pan/tilt/zoom options in real time; cross-camera tracking enables target hand-off from camera to camera without overlap of fields of view.

Other features include camera calibration and mapping of field-of-view information to Intergraph’s software, so that it can display camera locations and fields-of-view on the map, then immediately query those cameras and display live video. I/CAD provides a location aware common operating picture that integrates sensor management, communications devices, dispatch capability, and personnel location.

Stanley Security Solutions provided access control and integrated security solutions, installing and integrating all the security devices.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Intergraph,” said Melchior Baltazar, Vice President, Critical Infrastructure Protection for ObjectVideo. “The combination of Intergraph’s alert and dispatch management system and our highly innovative cross-camera tracking capabilities will allow the users to easily make decisions based on a complete operational picture. We are proud to deliver the latest technology in video analytics and a comprehensive security solution to our military.”

“Our sensor fusion technology has raised the bar for large scale perimeter intrusion and intelligent, location-aware sensor systems. Working with ObjectVideo, we are able to deliver a leading edge solution based on open standards that supports interoperability across multiple agencies and technology platforms, resulting in better decision-making and faster responses to security incidents. Using COTS technology, Intergraph is providing the security systems required to protect military installations, airports, transit facilities and critical infrastructure around the world,” commented Ben Eazzetta, President of Intergraph’s Security, Government & Infrastructure division.