Keyscan System VII web client released

Imagine offering secured remote management of the Keyscan Access Control system anywhere, anytime with a simple Web connection.

It's here and is sure to impress end-users that value the idea of remotely managing their systems.

Unlike other Web access control solutions available on the market, Keyscan's solution does not compromise building or enterprise security by placing access panels on the Web.

Additionally, Keyscan's K-WEB, Web client solution does not hold dealers or end-users hostage to monthly access fees. K-WEB provides dealers with the tool to host their access control installations in a "Central Station" type environment and drive their own independent recurring monthly revenue or equip end-users with their own host.

Either way, dealers and end-users have control over the implementation and are assured that their access control database is not being held thousands of miles away in an unseen data center. With new privacy regulations on the storage of personnel data, companies must ensure that personnel records are safely secured. With Keyscan's K-WEB solution the access control database is on your server, under your control and security protocol.

The Power and Flexibility of K-WEB offers remote:
Card Holder Management: Perform card additions, card archiving, deleting and access privilege adjustments
Report Generation: Create and generate custom reports. With full System VII reporting options.
System Status & Alarm review: Open/lock/ pulse doors, review door status, review system status including generated door alarms.

All this performed securely, with a web browser and an active WEB connection.