IQ Certification honors Lisa Prosser

Former IQ Certification Board Chairperson Lisa Prosser, who stepped down from the post in January, was honored for her dedication and contribution to the success of the IQ Program.

Tim Creenan, who succeeded Prosser as Chairperson of the IQ Board, presented Prosser with a plaque in recognition of her contributions to IQ and the security industry as a whole. The presentation took place during the CSAA Excellence Awards at the recent Electronic Security Expo in Nashville, Tenn.

Prosser, the owner of General Alarm Inc. in Indianapolis, Ind., was a founding member of the IQ Certification Board. She served as chairperson from 2002 until January 2008. Under her direction and guidance, the program grew and developed its independence, while at the same time strengthening its bond with industry associations.

"When Lisa stepped down in January, she left some big shoes to fill, as well as a long list of accomplishments," Creenan said.

Among the IQ Board’s many achievements while Prosser was the chairperson were:

"We wanted to publicly recognize Lisa for all the hard work and leadership she put into IQ and the security industry as a whole," Creenan said. "On behalf of the IQ Board and its certified companies, we thank Lisa for her service to IQ."

"My involvement and time with the IQ Program and as Chairperson was both a pleasure and an honor," Prosser said. "I am proud to have been recognized for the contributions I was able to make to the industry, and I wish the IQ Board great success as they continue to increase awareness of installation quality benefits for consumers, installers and law enforcement."