Life Imprisonment for Al-Qaida Operative who Targeted Financial Infrastructure

34-year-old terrorist had targeted NYSE, World Bank, IMF, Citigroup

Barot is wanted in the United States on charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. Under British law, domestic proceedings take precedence over an extradition. He also is wanted in Yemen for the 1988 kidnappings of Westerners.

Under the alias Issa al-Britani, Barot was named in the report of the U.S. commission into the Sept. 11 attacks, as an associate of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged planner. It said Mohammed had ordered al-Britani to identify bombing targets in New York.

The Associated Press, The British Broadcasting Corp., and Times Newspapers Ltd. successfully challenged a court ruling that threatened to prevent news media reporting details of Barot's sentencing hearing.

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