Videx introduces CyberLock for narcotics cabinets

Videx unveils a powerful and easy-to-manage access control solution for cabinets storing narcotics. For fire departments and emergency service organizations that are experiencing problems securing their narcotics, CyberLock is the answer. With CyberLock, existing cabinet locks can be quickly converted to a full-functioning electronic access control system. This is done simply by replacing the mechanical cylinder inside the cabinet lock with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. No wiring is required for installation.

CyberLock gives emergency service organizations key control and the ability to audit traffic to their narcotic cabinets. An administrator can track access to sensitive areas because both the electronic lock and key record openings and exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to gain access. It is this detailed audit reporting that makes the system very powerful.

The CyberLock system includes the electronic lock cylinder that cannot be picked and the electronic key that cannot be duplicated. Each authorized user’s key can be programmed to access selected locks on specific days and only during certain times on those days. Keys can be set with a date to begin operation as well as an expiration date. No more worries about a lost or missing key as a key can be quickly blocked from the system, making it inactive.

With over 200 cylinder designs, each CyberLock cylinder is built to the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing. CyberLock cylinders are available for installing in lock hardware on containers, equipment cabinets, and interior and exterior doors. Also, Videx offers a full line of electronic padlocks that perform extremely well in harsh environments.

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