Smart Card Alliance Physical Access Council Announces First Year Report

Alliance commits to making FIPS 201 PIV test cards available to industry

New steering committee representatives are: Government agencies: -Tim Baldridge, NASA -Daryl Hendricks, GSA

Chip, card and software manufacturers: -Bob Fee, LEGIC Identsystems -Sal D'Agostino, CoreStreet

Reader manufacturers: -Bob Merkert, SCM Microsystems -Steve Rogers, Integrated Engineering

Physical access control system (PACS) manufacturers: -Adam Shane, AMAG Technology -Lars Suneborn, Hirsch Electronics

Systems integrators: -Dwayne Pfeiffer, Northrop Grumman -Roger Roehr, BearingPoint

Biometrics: -Walter Hamilton, Saflink -Paul Collier, Identification Technology Partners

"The Physical Access Council is on a great path, providing invaluable tools for government agencies implementing physical access control systems that meet federal requirements like FIPS 201. In the upcoming year, we will continue this focus with specific projects to assist and guide the government's migration to smart card-based physical access systems," said new Physical Access Council Chair Dwayne Pfeiffer, Northrop Grumman Corporation.

The Council's two immediate priorities for the upcoming year are: 1) Working with GSA and NIST to develop/recommend the process for making FIPS 201 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) test cards available to the industry. 2) Collaborating to provide tools and resources to assist agencies with FIPS 201 PACS migration.

The Physical Access Council is open to participation from any organization that joins the Alliance and the Council. For more information, please visit