Bosch RAID Recorders Recognized by Frost and Sullivan

Fairport, N.Y. -- Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, today announced that Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, has awarded the company its 2007 Video Surveillance Emerging Technology of the Year Award. Bosch's Direct-to-iSCSI RAID recording solution received the award because of its value to customers and IT personnel and its competitiveness against the incumbent network video recorder (NVR).

Bosch is the pioneer in iSCSI-based recording technology, which uses an IP-based storage standard – Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) – to enable cameras and encoders to stream directly to a disk array without the need for an NVR. With the introduction of the technology in 2006, Bosch is recognized by the industry as the world's first security solution manufacturer to offer this efficient video recording system to the market.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the iSCSI-based solution is likely to receive high acceptance from IT personnel involved in implementing IP-based video surveillance systems, as it reduces the burden of managing PC-based NVR solutions and updating their operating systems and anti-virus software.

"We are working aggressively to introduce products to market that will make IP video systems easier to manage and more cost-effective," says Leon Chlimper, vice president, Systems, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. "This award is a testament to Bosch's efforts to drive the market forward through leadership in technology innovation."

Multiple Bosch cameras and encoders can share iSCSI storage disk arrays on a local area network, while the user's larger network or WAN remains untouched. Customers are using this technology to address IT personnel's concerns about bandwidth and security personnel's worries about reliability in IP video installations.

"Bosch's directly attached storage solution ensures that no video is lost, even if there is a network outage," says Dan Brault, president, Electro Specialty Systems. "Recording at the edge is a good option for customers who are interested in the benefits that IP video can deliver but who are concerned they don't have the bandwidth to support it."

This is the second industry award the Direct-to-iSCSI RAID recording technology has received since the solution was introduced last year.

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