EVT joins ObjectVideo network

EVT, a developer of video management and NVR software has announced that they have become a full member of the ObjectVideo OV Ready Application Partner Network. As a part of this relationship with ObjectVideo, the leader in intelligent video, EVT has adopted the OV Ready Protocol – an XML-based intelligent video network protocol that standardizes video analytics rule, alert and configuration communications.

"We are very excited to be part of the OV Ready partner network," said Oren Feldmann, VP Marketing and Sales EVT. "It complies with our strategy to deliver flexible and innovative video surveillance solutions in terms of usable surveillance tools and demonstrates how we are expanding our open architecture approach."

Based on XML and open web services standards, OV Ready enables seamless interoperability between any ObjectVideo OnBoard enabled device and any OV Ready-compliant system. With OV Ready, video management systems, physical security information management (PSIM) systems and other third party systems wanting to leverage ObjectVideo analytics are able to deliver universal compatibility with any ObjectVideo-enabled device to create rules and receive alerts. The result is a network of intelligent ObjectVideo-enabled partners that allow system integrators and end customers to choose components that best meet business objectives, while seamlessly delivering powerful ObjectVideo capabilities.