ClearSite Communications to implement ObjectVideo software

ClearSite Communications and ObjectVideo, the leader in intelligent video, have announced a partnership in which ClearSite Communications will embed the ObjectVideo OnBoard digital signal processor-based suite of analytics software tools within its VR42-DSP wireless technology product line.

The VR42 product line offers cutting edge wireless technology to the video surveillance industry. Its ability to intelligently make decisions on managing video transmission through the network provides a level of system stability that is currently not available in the market. The VR42 provides many levels of system reliability which is critical for a security system. Frequency diversity, battery backup, ObjectVideo OnBoard analytics, and on site storage are all options that can be selected in the product suite.

Designed as an embedded video content analysis solution, ObjectVideo OnBoard intelligently discerns objects of interest; distinguishes between humans, vehicles, and other objects; continuously tracks positions for all moving and stationary targets; and recognizes if objects have been removed or left behind at the designated site; among other possible suspicious behaviors. When significant changes are detected in the video, ObjectVideo OnBoard immediately issues alerts—complete with still images or full-motion video—over the IP network to security personnel and maintains detailed event logs.

The VR42 offers some unique features not found in wireless technologies today. The coupling of ObjectVideo OnBoard analytics, multi-radio mesh, storage, and battery solutions provide security integrators with a turnkey solution that was developed to provide a cost competitive solution in both hardware and labor costs. ClearSite is working closely with ObjectVideo to utilize alarm data to adapt video frame rate, priority wireless pathing, and integrating ObjectVideo's alert data into the ClearSite Manager graphical user interface.

"ClearSite Communications has created an innovative wireless solution which enables cameras to be placed in locations that are ideal for video analytics. With ObjectVideo OnBoard embedded, ClearSite is able to further expand the capabilities of the system through intelligent video" said Brian Eckert, vice president of sales and marketing for ObjectVideo. "We are pleased to partner with ClearSite Communications to provide a solution that provides a highly scalable wireless technology that was created especially for the video surveillance industry."

"The combination of our intelligent wireless with ObjectVideo's analytics suite is going to provide a platform for integrators to utilize the latest technologies with a single product line. The VR42-DSP provides integrators and end users the flexibility to add analytics at any point as the need for intelligent surveillance is required," said Knight Hamalian, president of ClearSite Communications.