AuthenTec's Scott Moody Elected Chair of Board

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- The Board of Directors of AuthenTec, the world leader in biometric fingerprint sensor security, innovation and sales, has elected company CEO and co-founder Scott Moody Chairman of the Board, effective immediately.

AuthenTec's six member board includes Scott Moody, Chairman and CEO of AuthenTec; Robert Grady, Managing Director of the Carlyle Group; Ben Yu, Managing Director of Sierra Ventures; R. Kent Buchanan, Vice President of Corporate Technology and Development, and Chief Growth Officer for Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS); Gustav H. Koven, Managing Director of Knickerbocker LLC; and Matthew Crugnale, President of Crugnale Associates.

"AuthenTec has grown from a start-up to the world's number one biometric fingerprint sensor supplier under Scott's leadership," said Robert Grady, AuthenTec Board member and Managing Director of the Carlyle Group. "Today, the company is leading the way in the consumer and commercial biometrics markets – shipping more than half of all the fingerprint sensors used in the PC market, and more than 95 percent of the sensors used in cell phones worldwide. That is a great accomplishment."

"Scott and the entire AuthenTec team have done a tremendous job driving the overall fingerprint biometrics market, and successfully growing the business. The rapid adoption of the company's sensors continues to escalate, especially recently, with revenues and sales doubling in the past year," said Ben Yu, AuthenTec Board member and Managing Director of Sierra Ventures.

Mr. Moody has served as CEO since he co-founded AuthenTec in 1998. Since that time, the company has grown from a start-up with 15 people and a single engineering prototype to become the world's leading provider of biometric fingerprint sensors – with more than 100 people and 14 different sensors that are used in more than 10 million PCs, cell phones and access control devices worldwide. Today, the company's sensors are used by 8 of the top 10 PC manufacturers, 95 percent of all biometric cell phone providers, and thousands of airports, government buildings, businesses and homes.

Prior to co-founding AuthenTec with Dale Setak, the company's CTO, Mr. Moody was the Vice President of a $200M division of Harris' Semiconductor Sector (now Intersil). Mr. Moody began his career at Harris in 1980 where he gained experience in both the company's Semiconductor and Electronic Systems Sectors. Mr. Moody received a BS in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State in 1980 and an executive MBA from the University of Florida in 1987. He is a native of New Jersey.