Bosch Releases New Easy Series Home Alarm System Panel

Fairport, New York ­ Bosch Security Systems has introduced Bosch Easy Series Release 2, which features zone expansion up to 32 points and compatibility with remote programming software. The award-winning Bosch Easy Series was specifically developed to address the two main issues in home security: eliminating the root cause of false alarms, and improving customer retention by improving end-user comfort and satisfaction.

Easy Series prevents false alarms, which saves time and money on alarm verification and increases the homeownerÄ…s comfort level. Some of the System's key benefits include:

- No codes to remember ­ homeowners arm and disarm the system with RFID tokens.

- Audio commands and instructions in any of 30+ languages.

- Animated, color icon display that clearly indicates system status.

The system notifies homeowners of activity via audio and text messaging on any phone, cell phone, or pager. Its two-way audio allows users to communicate by phone with anyone at their home via the control center speaker and microphone. And the remote arming and disarming function gives homeowners total control from anywhere at anytime.

The system is also compliant with SIA CP-01 Control Panel False Alarm Reduction standard. To learn more about Easy Series, call 800-289-0096 or visit