Brink's Redesigns Home Security Website

IRVING, Texas – A redesigned Web site launched by Brink’s Home Security offers visitors additional ease and flexibility in accessing information. The site’s content and navigation have been greatly enhanced to provide better user experience. The address is

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the service we provide visitors to the site. As we revamped the site, we took every opportunity to add features that make it easier to use and incorporate more information on home safety and security needs.” said Dwayne Sigler, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Brink’s Home Security.

The Web site now offers expanded information on services and products. For example, those browsing the site can find information on other Brink’s Home Security business lines like Brink’s Home Technologies ( and Brink’s Business Security ( Interested home and business owners will find useful information on security services at both sites.

Other features on the new Web site include safety tips on how to secure your business or home as well as a newsletter for special offers and product information. Visitors to the site will also find an online coupon to use if they wish to have a security system installed by Brink’s Home Security.

“There’s an interactive keypad that allows viewers to see how easy it is to operate an alarm system. We provide our current and potential customers the opportunity to explore how to operate the equipment so they’re as comfortable as possible with our security technology,” Sigler explained.

Other links on the page allow potential alarm dealerships to access information on how to become a Brink’s authorized dealer. That site can also be accessed at