CoVi Introduces High-Def Dome Networked Camera

AUSTIN, Texas, June 4 -- CoVi Technologies, the high-definition video surveillance company, today announced it has expanded its award-winning MultiStream camera line with the introduction of the CVQ-3100 dome security camera. The CVQ-3100 provides high-definition video in a dome configuration, and is designed to work within the CoVi SCAN (Security Camera Area Network) architecture. CoVi SCAN is the network topology of choice for the deployment of video surveillance on IP networks.

CVQ-3100's high-definition capabilities offer significant advancements over traditional analog cameras, including the ability to capture video in resolution levels up to 1280 x 720, resulting in video images that are up to 12 times better than traditional analog cameras systems. In addition, its wide-format 16:9 ratio (letterbox size) picture provides 30 percent greater horizontal field-of-view coverage than standard 4:3 video. Also, CoVi's MultiStream encoding technology enables the simultaneous recording of up to six different rates and resolutions of video, allowing a choice of video formats suitable to situation and need, while ensuring that surveillance video does not become a network bottleneck."

Just as HD has become the benchmark for consumer video, it's also fast becoming the de facto standard for evidentiary-quality surveillance video," said Barry Walker, CoVi's president and CEO. "Only an IP-networked video surveillance system can take advantage of the power and efficiency of HD technology that is revolutionizing this market. Our new dome camera adds more options for security-minded organizations who wish to upgrade from older systems."

As an imaging component of CoVi SCAN, the CVQ-3100 addresses the often conflicting requirements of physical security and IT professionals. It offers exceptional image quality and accessibility for security, while removing bandwidth consumption concerns of IT. The CVQ-3100's streamed video can be recorded at the edge of the network using CoVi's Distributed Media Managers (DMMs). The end result is HD video with "zero bandwidth consumption" on the IP network.

"High-Definition video surveillance can be a powerful tool for security professionals to deter crime and secure their most precious assets," said Cliff Cox, director product management, CoVi Technologies. "However, high- quality video needs to be stored in a way that is accessible without impacting an organization's IT infrastructure. The CVQ-3100 camera and our SCAN architecture help realize the long awaited promise of high-quality IP video surveillance."