ASIS Mid-Hudson Chapter Meeting Features FBI's Mark Mershon

Pride, diligence and integrity were the messages that were sent out to a full house of security and law enforcement executives at the ASIS Mid-Hudson Chapter 137 Annual Breakfast Meeting that took place at the Class of 49 Lodge located within historical West Point. After the program was opened by Chair Frank Santamorena, PSP, Joe Masciocco, regional vice president of the Hudson-Mohawk (Albany) Chapter emphasized the importance of being diligent in our service to the community. Joe stressed the importance of our mission, he reminded us that security is serious business and it is important to carry out this mission with diligence. "The safety and security of America relies on us," said Masciocco. He expressed how proud he was to be a member of an organization such as ASIS that has grown from the vision of five security companies to having more than 33,000 members internationally.

Masciocco's remarks were followed by an inspiring presentation from Mark J. Mershon, Assistant Director in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation. His presentation gave insights into the director as a leader who values integrity and who has tremendous respect and pride in the FBI and the many agents that he supervises. Mark talked candidly about his experiences in working with outside agencies and with the media. Director Mershon told the attendees that he was once asked, "What is the most important thing the FBI does?" His answer was, "The most important thing the FBI does is learn the truth and report it with integrity." He emphasized that there should be no spin, and that it is important to own up to mistakes.

Mark offered his perspective on cooperating with other law enforcement agencies and he spoke proudly of his relationships with the NYPD as well as MI-5. Director Mershon spoke of the importance of experience and used his own development through assignments in Denver and San Francisco as an illustration of personnel and leadership development. Mark emphasized the importance for leaders to approach their tasks with vision and courage and to be willing to do what it takes to get the job done and to do so with integrity.

He told his captivated audience of security leaders to, "Try to be everywhere because your presence means that you care." All present were certainly glad that Director Mark Mershon was present at the Mid Hudson Chapter 137 breakfast, as his message of integrity; leadership and pride were both thoughtful and inspiring. Following a question and answer session, Director Mark Mershon was presented with a plaque by Chapter Chair Frank Santamorena, PSP, thanking the Director for taking the time from his busy schedule to deliver such a riveting and inspirational presentation.