MDI and Jenkins Security Deploy Converged Security Solution for Major Hospital

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – MDI Security Systems, a division of MDI, Inc. and a leading manufacturer of unified security software, hardware and video solutions, today announced that they have partnered with Jenkins Security Solutions, a Walnut Creek, CA, based provider of integrated security services and converged security solutions to deploy the first in a series of security convergence projects for key hospital clients in California and Nevada.

The Jenkins team, along with the client hospital’s IT department is currently installing the MDI SAFEnet system, which is built on the company’s ONE Unified Technology platform. After evaluating a variety of integrated solutions for this project, Jenkins chose MDI based on the superior systems control capabilities and end user value of the “unified” system. ONE delivers an open architecture environment that adapts each individual application and device into its platform – promoting collaboration as one unified command and control operating system.

“We found that MDI provided the best solution for our client’s needs,” said Vince Hernandez, CET, vice president of operations for Jenkins Security Solutions. “The open architecture platform was key to delivering a total solution to the client. With this platform, we can seamlessly adapt and integrate SAFEnet with the client’s existing IT and security technology infrastructure, versus forcing them to change to accommodate a new solution,” he added.

Jenkins has positioned the MDI platform with additional hospital clients in California and Nevada who are seeking similar solutions. Ultimately, the combination of Jenkins’ experience and MDI’s technology will enable the team to win additional health care security engagements in the future. The MDI unified system empowers healthcare related organizations to scale their security as needed to address their organizational growth needs and respond proactively to government-mandated security and privacy regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Joint Council on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and any future state-sponsored or Homeland Security initiated directives that may affect their business continuity.

“Representing MDI assists us in solidifying relationships with clients and allows us to bring in a solution that exceeds our client’s expectations,” stated Scott Jenkins, CEO of Jenkins Security. “We are very optimistic that our partnership with MDI will help both companies achieve their business goals in the future. MDI’s willingness to support our team helps us in delivering total solutions to the client, which is the core focus of our business,” he concluded.

The MDI and Jenkins team will also combine forces to target business in the new building construction and building security market, where MDI’s high-security government experience delivers value beyond that of any competing industry solution.

MDI manufactures security software, hardware and video solutions designed to protect people, facilities and assets. These products and solutions are united by ONE Technology. ONE Technology unifies security point products, systems and subsystems into a common management platform. Far beyond the Integrated Security Management software promoted by industry competitors, ONE delivers an open architecture environment that adapts each individual application and device into its platform - promoting global collaboration as ONE system. The MDI product family currently protects over 8 million alarm points across the globe for many of the world’s most recognized organizations including Microsoft, MBNA Worldwide, John Deere, Pepsi, FBI, Fidelity Investments, Bureau of Engraving & Printing, American Express, Department of Defense, IRS, Disney, Smithsonian Institution and MIT to name a few. For more information on MDI or its diversified line of security products, visit