NAPCO Freedom Alarm System Receives SIA Product Achievement Award

Amityville, NY - NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., is proud to usher in a new revolution in home security. FREEDOM is the first code-free wireless alarm system, as simple to use as locking the door. Freedom debuted at the ISC West conference in Las Vegas with rave reviews and received the "Product Achievement Award for Wireless" from the Security Industry Association (SIA).

Freedom is as simple to use as locking and unlocking the door's existing deadbolt. False alarms are virtually eliminated because there are no exit/entry delay countdowns and there are no arm/disarm codes to memorize.

Napco's Freedom system installs in as little as one hour, comes with everything you need and there is nothing to touch on the door. The four-function touchpad provides an English language keypad, indoor 95db siren, 25' Pet PIR and a wireless receiver for both lock and front door contact built into wireless lock sensor. Simple to use, virtually training-free, Freedom is so customer friendly, it's the key to customer satisfaction and account retention.

Visit to learn more about Freedom's ease of use, false alarm prevention, easy installation, kits and components, and account retention. Also available is an online demo video and downloads of the Freedom brochure.